Comprehensive Aviation Strategy Consulting offers Network and Fleet Planning Services

We complete market evaluations, engaging in a competitive analysis of principal competitors within potential markets. Our analysis looks at various crucial factors, including traffic patterns, capacity assessments, service share evaluations, fare considerations, and any indicative and operational flight schedules necessary to streamline and enhance airline operations.

Our Fleet Planning consulting services will optimize the efficiency of your aircraft fleet and allow you to determine the most suitable aircraft types for your goals. We carefully assess aircraft configurations to ensure they meet service requirements while maximizing profitability. We also conduct fleet type and count analyses, determining the specific types of aircraft to be deployed in future years. We also provide detailed fleet cost analyses, covering estimated purchase costs, operating leases, finance leases, provisioning expenses, and overall operating costs, so your future network plans are well-informed and strategically mapped out.


Financial Clarity

Access to meticulous fleet cost analysis, covering all relevant financial aspects.

Strategic Deployment

Selecting and implementing entry into service of the right aircraft to meet your specific requirements.

Fleet Efficiency

Optimizing aircraft efficiency through thorough performance and economic analyses.

Competitor Analysis

Comprehensive market evaluations and analysis of principal competitors.

Consulting services

  • Market Evaluation: competitive analysis of principal competitors in potential markets.
  • Detailed Analysis: traffic, capacity, service share, fare, etc.
  • Flight Schedules: design of all indicative and operational flight schedules required.
  • Performance and Economic Analysis: identifying the optimal aircraft type for your needs.
  • Aircraft Configurations: meet airline service requirements and maximize profitability.
  • Fleet Type and Count Analysis: identify the aircraft that would be deployed for the future years.
  • Fleet Cost Analysis: detail the estimated purchase, operating lease, finance lease, provisioning costs and operating costs of aircraft.


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Roadmap Creation

Develop your comprehensive airline network and fleet planning with our aviation planning roadmap creation service.

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Goal Alignment

Get assistance in translating your network and fleet planning objectives into actionable strategies that seamlessly integrate with your goals.

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Network & Fleet Assessment

Attain comprehensive insights into your airline's network and fleet planning with our thorough flight optimization and planning review.

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